Freshwater & Saltwater Supplements & Medications



• A Water Clarifier That Quickly Clears Cloudy Aquarium Water By Eliminating Clouds Of Suspended Particles
• Clumps Together Floating Particles To Be Removed By The Filter
• Improves Filter Effectiveness
Ammo Lock


• Works Instantly, In Fresh Or Saltwater, To Detoxify Ammonia and Remove Chlorine and Chloramines
• Eliminates Stress and Protects Healthy Gill Function
Api Quick Start


• Liquid Biological Filter Starter Containing Live Nitrifying Bacteria (Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter)
• Patented Bacteria Strains
• All Natural No Preservatives
• Enables The Ability To Add Fish To A New Tank At Start Up
• Use When Starting A New Aquarium, Adding New Fish, Changing Water Or Filter Media, Or When Ammonia Or Nitrate Are Detected
Stress Coat


• Instantly Removes Chlorine and Chloramines, Making Tap Water Safe For Fish
• Neutralizes Heavy Metals and Replaces The Natural Slime Coating Fish Need In Times Of Stress
• Helps Heal Torn Fins and Skin Wounds
Liquid Super Ick Cure


• Treatment Can Be Hastened By Raising Water Temperature To 82 Degrees Fahrenheit
• Medication Will Cause Harmless Blue Color In Aquarium
• The Color Will Be Removed By Using Activated Carbon
Melafix Fish Remedy


• Antibacterial Remedy For Treating Ornamental Fish Diseases
• Not Intended For Use With Fish Intended For Human Consumption
• Rapidly Heals Damaged Fins, Open Wounds, and Cloudy Eyes


• Rapidly Treats Fungal Infections On Body and Fins As Well As Treats Internal and External Bacterial Infections
• Does Not Discolor Water Or Stain Decorations
• Works In Both Fresh and Salt Water
• Specially Formulated To Work With Melafix
Ph Down Bottle


• Lowers Ph Of Aquarium Water
• This Chemical Works To Lower Ph Levels For Fish
• Do Not Lower Ph Any More Than 0.2 In Any 24 Hour Period
Ph Up Bottle


• Product Raises Ph Level Until It Reaches The Recommended Level For The Species Of Fish
• A Ph Level Of 7.0, Neutral, Is Recommended For Community Aquariums Of More Than One Species
Proper Ph 6.5


• Adjuster and Stabilizer For Ph Levels
• Neutralizes Chlorine
• Detoxifies Heavy Metals
• For Use In Freshwater Aquariums Only
• Will Set Ph Level At 6.5
Proper Ph 8.5


• Adjusts and Stabilizes Ph Levels
• Detoxifies Heavy Metals
• Neutralizes Chlorine
• For Use In Freshwater Aquariums Only
• Will Set Ph Level At 8.2
Neutral Regulator


• Adjusts Ph To Neutral From Either A Low Or High Ph and Maintains It There
• Softens Water By Precipitating Calcium and Magnesium While Removing Any Chlorine, Ch Loramine Or Ammonia
• Makes Other Conditioniny Unnecessary
Marine Buffer


• Will Safely Raise Marine Ph To 8.3, Will Not Raise It Above 8.3 Even If Inadvertently Overdosed
• A Blended Product That Is Not Just Sodium Bicarbonate Or Sodium Carbonate, Commonly Sold As A Substitute
• Contains Sodium, Magneisum, Calcium, Strontium and Potassium Salts Of Carbonate, Bicarbonate, Chloride, Sulfate and Borate
Aquarium Salt


• Promotes Healthy Gill Function
• Helps To Reduce Stress
• Reduces Electrolyte Loss
• Used To Improve The Efficiency Of Medications
• Reduces The Harmful Effects Of Nitrite
Instant Ocean Salt


• Synthetic Sea Salt Contains Every Necessary Major Minor, and Trace Element
• Developed Through Soph Sticated Biological and Chemical Testing, Every B Atch Is Analyzed To Assure Consistent High Quality
Kent Purple Tech


• Stimulates The Growth Of Purple Coralline and Green Calcareous Macro-Algae
• Provides Specific Concentrations Of Calcium, Magnesium, Strontium, Trace Minerals and Carbonates Required
Kent Tech Cb Part B


• Ionically Balanced, Complete Calcium and Alkalinity Control Regimen For All Marine Aquariums
• When A & B Are Used Together They Will Raise Both The Calcium and Buffer Levels In The System
• Simple To Apply and Ideal For Hobbyists Seeking A Low-Maintenance Solution To Managing Calcium and Alkalinity Levels

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