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Jonathan Green

Crabgrass Preventer plus Green-Up Lawn Fertilizer 22-0-3
Features Dimension Crabgrass control herbicide. Can be applied up to 4 weeks later than other Crabgrass preventers. Controls Crabgrass both BEFORE and AFTER it germinates. Controls Crabgrass all season long. Low use rates. Non-staining! Premium Green-Up fertilizer, with polymer coated technology. Provides the nutrients needed for a beautiful, green thick lawn. Slow release formula will not burn the lawn.
  • 5000 sq ft
  • 15000 sq ft
Summer Survival Lawn Fertilizer 13-0-3
Controls a wide spectrum of Insect pests including Chinch Bugs, Army Worms, Ticks, Ants, etc. Controlled release feeding. Gives the lawn a gentle feeding during summer months to keep lawns greener.
  • 5000 sq ft
  • 15000 sq ft
Weed and Feed Lawn Fertilizer 25-0-3
Controls Dandelions and over 250 other Broadleaf Weeds in lawns while feeding your lawn with slow, controlled release fertilizer. Three way action provides superior weed control. Feeds desirable grasses longer while weeds gradually disappear from the lawn. Apply when weeds are actively growing throughout the year. Do not mow 2 days before or after application. Apply to moist grass. Do not water for 1-2 days after application and delay application if rainfall is expected within 24 hours. After applying this product, do not seed for 4 weeks.
  • 5000 sq ft
  • 15000 sq ft
Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer
Fall and winter feeding formula keeps your lawn greener later into the year. Provides a well balanced formula, ideal for winter turf protection. Iron, Sulfur and slow release Nitrogen help keep the lawn a deep green color. Ideal to use with a fall seeding. 10-0-20 No-Phosphorus Formula available in 5M and 15M sizes. Please note that item #12412 is no longer available.
  • 5000 sq ft
  • 15000 sq ft


Espoma Lawn Food 18-0-3 Organic Based ~ For All Seasons! - Espoma Lawn Food is a premium formula designed for safe, easy lawn feeding. It provides slow release nitrogen for extended feeding and is granular, non-burning, and easy to apply. Espoma Lawn food is a product of The Espoma Company. It is backed by over 80 years of experience in the field of organics and is designed for the home gardener as well as the professional horticulturist.
  • Safe for kids, pets & the environment
  • Won’t burn lawns or leach out of soil
  • Provides long lasting nutrition
  • Creates healthy lawns & soil
  • Slow release Nitrogen
  • 20lbs   5000 sq ft
  • 40lbs   10000 sq ft

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