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Jonathan Green

Black Beauty Mixture-Black Beauty™ truly innovative darker-green turfgrass planted by Sod Growers. Grass leaves possess an invisble waxy coating, very similar to what you'd find on an apple. Preserves moisture in the leaf and wards off stress from heat, cold, wind and disease. Roots 4-feet deep into the soil. Redefines what a "green-lawn" is supposed to look like! Thrives in sun or shade.

  • Available 5, 15, 25, 50lbs.

Black Beauty Ultra Mixture-Black Beauty™ Ultra germinates faster due to Frontier Perennial Ryegrass. Fills in damaged lawn areas because of Blue-Tastic Kentucky Bluegrass. Black Beauty Ultra also has the three grasses in regular Black Beauty. These grasses grow a naturally dark-green and beautiful lawn.

  • Available 3, 7, and 25lbs.

Sun and Shade Mixture-Sun and Shade mixture will grow a thick, dark-green lawn in both sun and partial shade areas. Wide adaptability and elite varieties make this our most popular grass seed mixture. Endophyte enhanced for improved insect resistance.

  • Available 3, 7, 15, and 25lbs.

Shady Nooks Mixture-Shady Nooks™ Mixture is especially made to survive in damp soil, or in dry poor soils, in areas of heavy shade. Endophyte enhanced for improved insect resistance. Contains Poa Trivialis, a shade tolerant grass that grows well in moist, shady areas. Contains Hard Fescue the turfgrass requiring the least fertilizer.

Scotts® Turf Builder® Sun & Shade Mix

  • Grows quicker, thicker, greener grass, guaranteed!
  • Contains our exclusive WaterSmart® PLUS coating that absorbs 2X more water than uncoated seed, feeds to jumpstart seedlings' growth and protects against disease.
  • Scotts' most versatile mix.
  • Stays green even in extreme conditions of dense shade and scorching sun.
  • Aggressively spreads to repair bare and thin spots.

Turf Perfect® blends and mixtures include improved varieties designed specifically for your region and climate.

Fancy; Shade/Sun; and Sport mixtures

  • Available in 1, 3, 10, and 50lb.

Pasture Perfect® uses grass varieties that have been scientifically proven to increase milk production and/or weight gain. Pasture Perfect not only provides the energy your livestock needs… it will persist too. Trust the original and proven forage seed program to get the most out of your livestock.

Now you can get improved forage seed mixtures that work! We've combined the talents of worldwide research with regional distributor/extension recommendations to provide a family of outstanding forage seed mixtures.

  • Available in 25 and 50lbs

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