Gro 'n Win®

Created to be fed as a stand-alone feed or a supplement to your horse's daily grain diet, it is formulated with a precise balance of amino acids, vitamins and minerals for easy digestion and absorption. GRO 'N WIN® is highly concentrated, so you feed less of it, allowing your horse to eat more naturally. Ideal for growth, reproduction, performance, and maintenance horses, GRO 'N WIN® along with forage will supply your horse with all the essential nutrients it needs without excess calories or use of additional supplements.

Ultimate Finish® 25


  • 25% fat supplement used to increase calories without adding more grain
  • Blend of vegetable oils from flaxseed, soybeans and rice bran

  • Fortified with minerals and vitamins so no dilution of the diet occurs

  • High in omega-3 and -6 fatty acids

  • Mixes easily with grains and will not sift out

  • Reduces the amount of grain needed

  • Use for hard keepers and horses that need to gain weight

Senior Texturized

A naturally palatable, low molasses feed, Senior Texturized is designed for healthy, older horses with functional teeth that can still eat long-stemmed forage.

EQ8® Senior

Over the past 20 years with innovations in research and development, BUCKEYE® Nutrition and WALTHAM® scientists have developed a formula to help support the most delicate and important system in the horse:  the gut.  With the innovative technology from our EQ8® Gut Health line, EQ8® Senior is lower in starch and sugar, fortified with live probiotics, and with additional fat, digestible fiber and superior antioxidant content your senior horses will be racing to see who gets fed first.

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