Spring Pond Preparations

Spring Is The Time To Get Your Pond Off To A Great Start

For Goldfish and Koi Pond owners, now is the time  when we are yearning for crystal clear waters  and big fat fish greedily surfacing for handouts.
'Patience' is the operative word here.  The best rule of thumb for spring time is avoid feeding and serious pond cleaning until your water lily pads turn green.  Fish that have been hibernating  all winter need time to warm up thoroughly and get their digestive systems tuned upbefore they can safely resume their piggy summer eating habits.
In spring time, koi and goldfish immune systems are at their lowest point of the year. So, let those sleepy and groggy fishies lie.  Avoid any activity that results in you stirring them into a frenzy just to catch and temporarily relocate them.
Until your pond water reaches a consistent 45 degrees....
Don't  net them
Don't  drain their water
Don't  stir up their water
Don't  add new fish
Don't  fret if you have a fringe of string algae growing on the walls of the pond. This is the best spring tonic for your fish.  You can keep this in check later as the pond warms up.
Do  re-start your pump and bio-filter when water temperatures reach 45 degrees
Do  a partial water change of 30% after the water temperature is above 45 degrees
Do  add a biological starter to your water
Do  add a sludge removing product if you have more than 1/2 inch of 'pudding' looking sludge on the bottom
Do  gently remove leaves that remain in the bottom of the pond
Do  add barley straw now to retard excess algae growth later when the water warms up.

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