Create Your Own Bird Seed Blend

We carry a variety of bulk and bagged down wild bird seed

  • Cracked corn/ whole kernel corn 10lbs. and 50lbs.

  • Millet 8lbs and 50lbs.

  • Black Oil Sunflower 8lbs. 25lbs. and 50lbs.

  • Peanut hearts/ shelled peanuts  8lbs. and 50lbs.

  • Raw in shell peanuts 5lbs. and 50lbs.

  • Safflower 5lbs. 25lbs. and 50lbs.

  • Sunflower chips 8lbs and 50lbs.

  • Striped Sunflower 7lbs. 25lbs. and 50lbs

  • Thistle "Nyjer Seed"  5lbs. 10lbs. 25lbs. and 50lbs.

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