2023 Chicken Info

We will NOT be taking reservations for fall chicks this year.
Due to a large amount of reservations that were not picked up last year, all chicks will be first come, first served.

On the day of arrival, chicks will NOT be sold until they are posted on our Facebook page.  They spend two days on a truck coming from Texas to get to us so we will be hydrating and feeding them for two hours after they arrive at our store. This will help to ensure that when they go home, they will be strong, healthy and ready to be a part of your family.

*NOTE: Sexing day old chicks is not an exact science. The hatchery gives us an 85% gender guarantee rate for all standard breeds.


Our next shipment of chicks will be on Friday, August 25th to kick off the fall chicken season!

Chicks START at $11.99 however some breeds are priced differently and PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE


The link below has our updated poultry schedule!