Assorted Guineas are the hatchery's choice of all the varieties that have not been sold as specific guinea varieties. Guineas, which are known as keets, are very active and easy to raise. After about 4 weeks of age, they require very little attention and will take care of themselves by hustling for their food. When available, as many varieties of keets as practical will be included in the assortment. The hatchery does not guarantee which varieties will be included in the shipment. Some of the benefits of having a farm flock of guineas are as follows: very fine "watch dogs", keep snakes away from the farm and consume grasshoppers, ticks (including those which carry Lyme Disease) and other insects.

Egg Size: SMALL
Rate of Lay: 60-100/Year
Broodiness: Yes

Date(s) Available:
Not available at this time. 


Straight Run Only
$8.99 per Chick