Red Sex Links were developed in the 1950's by crossing a Rhode Island Red male with a Delaware female for efficient brown egg production and ease of sexing. Red Sex Link chicks have single combs and clean, yellow legs and feet. Male chicks are light yellow with some black, but have no red down, while females have red down very similar to Production Reds. This difference in down color allows the hatchery to easily sex chicks at day of hatch. Adult males have a similar body type to Production Reds, but with all white plumage. Adult females have a red plumage color that is darker than New Hampshire Reds, but lighter than Rhode Island Reds.

Egg Color: BROWN
Egg Size: LARGE
Rate of Lay: 208/Year
Broodiness: Yes

Date(s) Available:
Not available at this time.


$6.99 per Chick