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This no-maintenance filter is for biological filtration only and is meant to be used alongside some other form of filtration, such as an under-gravel grid, bead filter or natural planted bog.

BENEFITS of The Helix Moving Bed Waterfall

  • Self Cleaning, set and forget it
  • Feed your Koi as much as you want!
  • Filter can convert the waste from approximately 1 lb. of fish food each day or 30 lbs a MONTH or 365lbs a year!
  • Nitrate Reduction
  • Increase Dissolved Oxygen levels in pond
  • Grow your koi HUGE
  • Waterfall Filter easy to install & disguise in the landscape

FEATURES of The Helix Moving Bed Waterfall Filter

  • Heavy Duty Roto Molded Body
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Made in America
  • High Quality Plumbing Parts
  • Helix Media Floating Bio Media
  • Radial Diffuser
  • 5″ Air Diffuser
  • 3/4″ Bulkhead
  • 2″ Bulkhead
  • 2″ Suction Strainer
  • 32″ Long x 32″ Wide x 32″ High
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