About Us

Pickering Valley Feed first opened its doors in 1977 when Bill and Janna Cracas closed their chicken farm on Conestoga Road and decided on opening a local feed store.  Bill taught Physics and Chemistry at Conestoga and Coatesville High Schools while Janna ran and worked the store with her three children Jim, Debby, and Susan.  Quickly after its founding, Pickering Valley Feed became a staple of the community for people who needed help making informed decision on care for their pets and their farms.  Bill’s background in science put an emphasis on making sure we were helping customers make decisions through fact and information over profit. That philosophy is still what drives us to this day.

Throughout our history we have gone through many changes, but our guiding principles of Family, Community, and Customer Service have not.  We now cover a wide variety of departments compared to our original store of pet and farm care. Although farm and pet care is our bread and butter, we love to aid in advice with topics such as aquariums, small animals, wildlife, ponds, lawn and garden, or reptiles.

What started as a small 2,700 square foot feed store, has become, through countless expansions, a 16,000 square foot retail store with 25 employees who our customers have come to know and love.  Even with these expansions every one of our customers still can feel the same family values that this store was founded on over 40 years ago. Our employees represent our founding principles to the same extent that Janna and her children did on day one.

As the store has been, and will continue being, passed down through generations of the Cracas family the belief in service to our community will never go away. For the Cracas family and all of us here at Pickering Valley Feed and Farm Store this community is our family.