Silkies were described by Marco Polo in the 13th century as "hens which have hair like cats, are black, and lay the best eggs." Their skin, beak, legs and toes are black. Some have beards and muffs while others do not. They have walnut combs, a small crest, five toes on each foot and feathers on their legs and feet. Silkies come in a large range of colors and the hatchery will be sending us a good representation.  They are noticeable for their hair like feathers created by their lack of tiny hamuli and scrolls that allow the barbules of the feather to connect.
You may find both bearded and non-bearded Silkies in the shipment. (Ideal Poultry)

Egg Color: TINTED
Egg Size: PEEWEE
Rate of Lay: 150/Year
Broodiness: Yes